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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 8, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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sharks in a critical victory for the warriors. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. the sharks advanced to the western conference finals while the warriors regain the edge against the rockets. hello again everyone. i am alex savage in tonight for somerville. first the sharks, we are live in san jose where the sharks are now headed to the western conference final for the second time in four years. >> reporter: it was intense, what you expect from a game 7, in the end, the sharks defeating the colorado avalanche, 3-2. now they are onto the western conference finals. san jose sharks fans filed out of the center with pure jubilation on their faces, towels waving hi and fists in the air, the sharks quest for their first stanley cup still alive. >> another game 7, i could not
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believe it. i do not think i can take another one though. >> maybe this is the year we actually go to the stanley cup. >> reporter: with the series tied 3-3 it was be victorious or go home for the sharks as they hosted the avalanche in game 7, in the second round of the stanley cup playoffs. >> it has been a roller coaster. >> more energy than usual and then any other playoff in the past. >> reporter: what a series it has been, fans forcing their excited at the shark tank earlier in the day. >> the playoffs are missing. >> reporter: the sharks have been to the playoffs many times before, so close to the stanley cup but never winning the coveted trophy. >> it makes me want to cry when thcame 7 had early momentum, welcoming captain joe back on the ice. >> he is the captain, not a captain. >> reporter: he sidelined for
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the first six games of the series with a head injury from the last do or die game against the golden nights. his injury sparking his unforgettable comeback, neck and turning around the sharks playoff hopes, one of the defining moments in the teams 28 year history. >> there is something magical happening this year. that is what is different from my perspective on previous years. >> reporter: critics say that sharks magic worked, fans say they are yearning for the stanley cup. the closest the sharks got to the stanley cup was back in 2016, it was the first and only time they made it to the stanley cup finals. the sharks will now play the st. louis blues on saturday night at 7 pm with home ice advantage. >> thank you. now to overcome arena and amber lee. the warriors took a series lead tonight despite losing kevin durant to a injury in the third quarter. >> reporter: the edge of their
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seats until the very end of the game, in fact some are still here savoring in the victory. the ques warriors star kevin to rent. he was injured and left the game in the third quarter, he appears to have a strained right calf, it is unknown if he will play in game 6 but fans tell me they remain confident. >> i mean, i thought we were not going to pull it off. i think we got it. i think we got it. look out houston. i do not want them to come back here. >> it was a great game, they slacked off in the third quarter, they came back in the fourth. thumbs up. >> it was exciting, kind of scary because i thought it was going to be the last game in oakland. it was great to be able to see them push forward. they were tired. it was a awesome game. they nailed it. >> reporter: the final score, the warriors over the rockets,
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104-99. they will play games 6 on the road in houston on friday. fans are ready for the warriors to take the series as soon as possible. of course there is concern about kevin durrant. >> absolutely, a lot of fans worried about his condition. we hope to learn more. amber live at oracle arena, we will let you know mark is coming up in a few minutes. you will have the highlights from tonight warriors came and the big victory from the sharks. >> the rockets will have home- court advantage in the next game, they will travel to houston for game 6 on friday, that will take lace at 6 pm, if the warriors are victorious, they move on to the western conference finals. to the latest threat of a attack at a east bay high school, san ramon police tell us they will be stationed at california high tomorrow, that is were a student discovered the third threat of violence in the past week. janet is joining us live tonight with some of the precautions
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that are being taken. >> reporter: alex the school district says they are partnering with police and they have established a anonymous tip line, they say today there was a huge response from students with tips after this latest graffiti was discovered. >> it is concerning. >> reporter: parents at california high got the message wednesday morning a threat about a shooting written in graffiti. >> whether it is true or not, we do not know. >> we are planning to stay home. it is always better safe than sorry. >> reporter: the san ramon valley school district says a student discovered the graffiti wednesday inside a boys bathroom in the fine arts building. the gratuity said tomorrow the library will be then courtyardand myself. it included a racial slur against african-americans. >> there was a racial remark which was also equally disturbing for us. that type of behavior is not tolerated.
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>> reporter: it is the third threat in the past week, on may 1 a student discovered this message on a different wall saying there will be a shooting at california high may 9. another threat was found at the snack shack near the football field. school officials said they are working with police to track down who wrote the threats, reviewing footage from thousands of cameras. >> we have 47 at california high school and we will be installing more. >> we are going to have extra police personnel at the school. >> reporter: police say officers will be on patrol at the high school all day thursday and they say they have put extensive resources into finding the person responsible. >> a prank or hoax, it should be clear graffiti and vandalism are crimes with real consequences. the crime is more severe in the case of threats. >> the actual terminology is criminal threats. it is a felony.
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>> reporter: today some parents tell me they are going to let their children decide whether they feel safe enough to come to school tomorrow and the district says they will work with teachers to make sure any students who do stay home are not penalized. >> live in san ramon tonight, thank you. greeting students and staff members gathered tonight for a vigil in highlands ranch, colorado were a high school senior what shot and killed in class yesterday and eight other students were wounded. many of the teenagers were t- shirts from team enough a national group that works to finish gun violence. the 18-year-old who died is being calledo shooters that opened fire inside his classroom. kendrick was shot to death as he and others tackled the shooter giving classmates the chance to escape. the second shooter was caarmed
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another student to help subdue the first shooter called him a hero. >> i got to see to regular high school kids, heroes, awesome people jump into action without any hesitation and i was more than lucky to join them. in doing that action. i want to make something very clear, kendrick died a legend. he died a trooper. >> one of the two suspects, 18- year-old devon erickson appeared in court today, the name of the juvenile suspect is not being released. daly city police say they have arrested a high school spanish teacher suspected of having unlawful sex with a minor. 59-year-old hector vasquez of san bruno is currently on leave from westmore high city. the superint basque has has been a teacher at westmore heights since 2011. there is no word yet on whether the alleged victim is a student. a northern california man
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who police say faked his own suicide to avoid jail time for child sexual assault and pornography is now in custody. police say 58-year-old michael manning was arrested in florida, they say manning was scheduled to be sentenced in october 2016 for those sex crimes but he never showed. police say a suicide note was later found in his rental car near the golden gate bridge but his body was never found. police say he was arrested in florida after showing a fake passport during a burglary investigation. a family of a man fatally shot by police today responded to recently released police footage of the shooting. the video released on monday shows the 2018 shooting of ronell foster by officer ryan mcmahon. the officer said he stopped ronell foster for riding his bike in a busy area, they said he then opened fire after ronell foster grabbed at his flashlight. his family says the video the
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leaves out critical moments. >> it doesn't give them shot multiple times in the back. >> police say the claims that moments were omitted is outlandish and untrue. they released unedited and edited footage to provide context. still to come, a huge gun boston in southern california. why authorities believe man had more than 1000 guns inside his home. it has been six months since the devastating camp fire broke out. coming up the mayor of paradise tells us how the town is rebuilding. it is warming up slightly, it will again tomorrow and then a cooldown just in time for the weekend. be sure to catch today's new episode of our bay area people podcast. claudine met mount diablo high school senior martina rodriguez at the gym where she trained as
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in los angeles, agents and the bureau of atf seized a huge cache of firearms from a mention in the affluent bel air neighborhood. more than 1000 guns were found, authorities say they got a anonymous tip that somebody was selling guns out of that home, one person was arrested, the la times reports the property is owned by cynthia back who has three children with the son of j paul getty, gordon getty. a couple is devastated after finding out most of their art collection was stolen out of shorted storage. christian thought their items were safe inside a unit they were renting a public storage.
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the couple discovered dozens of pieces collected over the past 15 years and valued at $75,000 are gone. >> i almost like fainted. i could not believe what i was looking at. there was 50 pieces of art in here, now we are talking 12. >> i get emotional about it because it is more than just the money. it is the meaning behind it. the experience. >> police are now investigating but the facility has no cameras in the hallway and the padlock shows no shine of tampering. the couple says they have not heard back from public storage management. police and david say someone is targeting women at downtown bars by slipping drugs into their drinks. investigators say three uc davis students were drugged over the past couple of weeks, two of them at wonder bar and the third at bistro 33, all of them ended up at the hospital after blacking out.
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police say they are planning to increase foot patrols near downtown bars, they are also asking for the public's help, if they see something they should say something. today the board of education improved revision to the sex education guidance to public schools, and includes new recommendations for talking about gender identity with younger children. older teenagers can learn about safe sex and lgbtq litigious. they removed several books from the suggested list after parents complained there were too explicit for young children. uber and lyft drivers and 10 san francisco tonight are winding down a strike for better pay. it comes ahead of uber's highly anticipated ipo on friday. many drivers consider themselves the back bone of the company but as christian tells us, they feel like they are being left out. >> reporter: more the 100 uber and lyft drivers gathered at the headquarters, drivers sandy are working long hours for low pay.
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>> no days off for overtime, i am working 7 pm through 7 am. just because we are paid by the mile. >> reporter: that new drivers joined in a worldwide action, shutting off their applications. >> logout. >> reporter: then walking into the streets instead of driving them. >> i have been working for two years and now i am getting have to pay. >> reporter: the drivers want their rages. they want transparency and the policies of the company the have to abide by are set up. they want some sort of benefits. in a statement uber said according to its data is drivers make a average of $20 an hour, adding that drivers are at the heart without them. lyft weighed in saying their hourly earnings increased 7% in
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the last two years, 75% drive less than 10 hours a week to supplement existing jobs. on average lyft drivers earn over $20 per hour. >> they must be taking emerged from a busy friday night at 2 am when people are coming home from the bars. that is not a fair number. >> reporter: the ripple effect of the strike spreading citywide. kate is in town from reno and tried unsuccessfully to hail a uber. >> you request something and you know you can from the pickup and then it tells you your payment is not available or it is not a option. they just throw you out. >> reporter: and and, she had tora the rideshare strike set to finish at midnight. no word on how all of this will affect uber's expected initial public offering. that is set for tomorrow. ktvu fox 2 news. today marks six months
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since the deadly campfire that almost destroyed the entire town of paradise. the campfire driven by ferocious winds burned through 153,000 acres, 85 people were killed and 14,000 homes were destroyed. the mayor of paradise told us today, she is optimistic about the future of her community. >> i do not focus on what is gone, i focus on what is still here and there is a lot still here. 150 businesses have reopened. most of the people whose houses are still standing, 1400 of them have moved back into their homes. we have some really important things that are still here, a police station, two fire stations, a library, the post office, the dmv, townhall, high school, are building block for bringing the community back. that is what i see. >> officials say the process of clearing and removing debris is
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now starting to pick up again after slowing down due to a lot of rain over the winter. with that said we go back to the highs from today which were slightly warmer than yesterday, 66
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